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Bra Fit Guide - Achieving the Perfect Fit

Video PlaceholderIt's important to be fitted correctly when buying a bra...

Getting the fit of your bra right is so important. If you’re wearing the wrong size you’ll be amazed at the difference in terms of comfort and support you’ll get from your bra once you get it right. There are also differences between the fit, feel and comfort of a non-wired bra compared to an underwired – it’s a bit like going from heels to flats!

It is important to note that the 'Bra Size Calculator' on our homepage is only to be used a guide and will not work for everybody. We always recommend visiting a stockist to get fitted professionally; it can be a complicated business and it is much easier to let a qualified person do this for you than trying to do it yourself.

However, we know that it’s not always possible to visit a store so we’ve put together some advice to help get it right at home. Watch our fitting video and follow our 5 Point Rule to help you get the perfect fit every time.

Introducing... 5 Point Rule
It is important to get the right fit with every bra and our 5 Point Rule will help you achieve this fit, ensuring maxiumum support and comfort.
Rule 1

The bra should be quite firm around the body and ideally fitted on the 3rd eye adjustment.

Rule 2

Shoulder straps should be loosened or tightened as necessary.

Rule 3

Your breasts should be well enclosed within the cups of the bra.

Rule 4

The centre front of your bra should sit reasonably close to the chest wall.

Rule 5

A snug fit at the neck and underarms (not too tight or gaping).

Ask Royce

Still unsure? Give our customer services team a call on 01295 265557. We'll be happy to talk you through the measuring process and help you find the correct bra size and style for you.

Fit Guide Questions

Royce says: The band size of your bra is too big for you. Try going down a band size but up a cup size (for a similar cup capacity).

ie: 36C to 34D


Royce says: It looks like your cup size is too small. Keeping your band size the same, try going up a cup size or two.

ie: 34B to 34D


Royce says: This is because the cup size is too big for you. Keeping your band size the same, try a smaller cup size.

ie: 34D to 34C

Everybody is differentBra Glossary

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We understand the many complexities of finding your perfect bra and getting the right fit more

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