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Caring for your bra

Washing & Drying

You’ll be pleased to know that, unlike most other bras on the market, Royce bras are machine washable and do not require washing by hand (hallelujah!). This is because our bras are wirefree so do not run the risk of underwires coming free and getting stuck in your washing machine.

Our garments can be safely machine washed on a cool (30 degrees), delicate/gentle cycle or hand washed. We recommend that your bras are placed in a lingerie or mesh bag and that all hooks are done up before placing them into the washing machine. This will prevent zips and Velcro from other items in your machine getting caught or snagging any delicate trimmings or lace on your bra.

Always separate your darks, lights, and whites to avoid colour bleeding.

Royce Lingerie garments are best dried naturally but we recommend that you do not to leave them in direct sunlight as this may damage the colours.

How should I store my bra?

The best way to store your Royce bras is to place them vertically in a drawer and stack them one behind the other, this will help maintain the original shape of your bra.

How long will my bra last?

Our bras are of the highest quality and, if cared for properly, will last well. However, due to inevitable wear and tear of the fabrics and natural fluctuations in your breast size, we recommend that you get re-fitted and replace your bra every six months.

Always read the care label carefully and follow the washing instructions to get the most from you bras.